A jabroni's guide to marketing ... a science fiction book (#1)


OK ... so yes, the last post here was over seven months ago ... and no, I have no clue how to market a sci-fi book.  But, I'm gonna lay it out and see where this goes.  My goal here is to free Damian's time up so that he can get clickety clackin' on that keyboard of his (because I am ready to read book 2!).

So, to begin- things I set up when we put the site together; blog facility (obvs), google analytics, mail chimp account, facebook page and a reddit page.

Google Analytics- I set up an Analytics account when we set the site up and I haven't looked at it since... until today.  I still have no idea what I'm looking at.. it's all very impressive, I'm sure.  From the log-in page it appears that we've had 17 visitors to the site since 1st Jan '17 and they spent 0 seconds on the site...

Mail Chimp- Again, it's very impressive, I'm sure.  I just signed up to the newsletter (to which we now have two subscribers)... and it listed our home address on the confirmation email... the how and why is still to be determined.  The other thing I noticed after subscribing is that it takes you back to a non-existent wordpress site... again, the how and why... still to be determined.

Facebook- Overall, we haven't put a great amount of effort in to any advertising streams, but one of the things we have done is build the Facebook page and paid for a few ad boosts; this was done when Pyre of Dreams was published last June... nothing has been done with it since.

Reddit- Damian set this up, again, around about the time Pyre of Dreams was published. I'll admit, I still haven't got my head around reddit, although it's easy to lose hours of your day to /r/gifs.  What I don't understand yet about /r/allim , is that there always seem to be 4 users on the page...

NOW, I'm gonna go sort these issues out with Mail Chimp! #makeitso

I'm out!

- Ryen


TLDR: Woman who doesn't know anything about marketing, takes on marketing of husbands sci-fi book.  Posts about things that most people already know...