A jabroni’s guide to marketing … a science fiction book (#4- General update and Fiverr)

Disclaimer:  Not sure how necessary this is, but for the avoidance of doubt, if you haven't read the first post in this series, please understand that I have zero experience in marketing.  My posts here are intended for entertainment only (... namely my entertainment) and to document any failings or successes we have as a result of marketing decisions we make.  The posts are not intended as an actual guide for anyone- there are plenty of other amazing bloggers who have tons of experience and practical advice in self-publishing/ marketing if it's something that you are looking to do.  Cheers for reading matey's. It's worth mentioning straight away that we've been pushing Twitter this week... pretty hard.  I mentioned in my last post that we are using Tweet Deck but we've also discovered ways to boost our followers by using Unfollowspy.com - it's a great way of having automated responses (comes in real handy if you are monitoring multiple accounts and don't have an opportunity to individually thank people for following), monitoring which followers haven't been active for a certain period of time and also a way to re-tweet hashtags.

I also mentioned in my last post that we bought a promo video on Fiverr ... it's awesome ...

We did change the music that was set, to something more ominous- but to get it turned around in under 24 hours was pretty awesome.  There seems to be quite number of people offering similar gigs but we went with Grizzly Studio and they delivered exactly what we asked for.

We pretty much immediately did a Facebook Ad with it and ran it for two days at $5 per day.

You can see from this weeks Ganal update that the Ads have worked as far as getting traffic to the site (our best week as far as traffic and interaction goes on the website!)- but we are still not getting anymore newsletter members or book sales as a result.

I've put another order in on Fiverr to research some keywords, so am hoping to have the report back this week.


Later taters...