A jabroni’s guide to marketing … a science fiction book (#3- February Overview)

Disclaimer:  Not sure how necessary this is, but for the avoidance of doubt, if you haven't read the first post in this series, please understand that I have zero experience in marketing.  My posts here are intended for entertainment only (... namely my entertainment) and to document any failings or successes we have as a result of marketing decisions we make.  The posts are not intended as an actual guide for anyone- there are plenty of other amazing bloggers who have tons of experience and practical advice in self-publishing/ marketing if it's something that you are looking to do.  Cheers for reading matey's.

February Overview

So, we had three book sales in February... one paperback, one kindle and one on iBooks.  February has had us focusing on social media a bit more.  For brand awareness, I've spent time trying to clean up all of the social media accounts and bring them all in line with each other- so making sure the about pages are similar and contain a link to the website and also changing profile pictures and header images so that they are all consistent. 

I also spent a bit of time at the beginning of February researching content scheduling- I'm working on a template which I'll publish on here once I have a good grasp on what I'm trying to achieve and what's working for us.  For now, it's pretty basic- our goal is to ensure there is some type of content is added to the website each weekday and on the weekends we will be preparing for the week and catching up on research.

Twitter- I started the month with a goal to follow 10 new people each day, from each of our accounts.  We started out really strong for the first half of the month but it petered out a bit and I lost focus as our work schedules got busier.  If you aren't already aware of it, we did come across Twitter's, Tweet Deck- which is much easier than using the main interface.  

Facebook- We've paid for a few boosted ad's mainly on World Book Day, which did get the Facebook page some additional likes and follows.  This month we've probably spent about £15 on Facebook Ad's.  I've been knocking together some imagery with quotes from PoD and posting them on both Facebook and Twitter but I thought it might be cool to put together a video.  At first I was thinking it would be pretty simple to put a slideshow of the quotes together, but then I got lost in the pit that is Fiverr and ended up ordering a promo video for £13- this will get turned around in 24 hours, so we'll see how that turn's out.  If it turns out OK, I'll likely boost that as an Ad on Facebook next week-- so watch this space!