A jabroni’s guide to marketing … a science fiction book (#6- Timing with Social Media)

Disclaimer:  Not sure how necessary this is, but for the avoidance of doubt, if you haven't read the first post in this series, please understand that I have zero experience in marketing.  My posts here are intended for entertainment only (... namely my entertainment) and to document any failings or successes we have as a result of marketing decisions we make.  The posts are not intended as an actual guide for anyone- there are plenty of other amazing bloggers who have tons of experience and practical advice in self-publishing/ marketing if it's something that you are looking to do.  Cheers for reading matey's.

I've been doing some reading on when the best times are to post content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

We aren't in a position yet to look back on our own insights/ analytics yet as we are pretty new with adding consistent content to the blog and social media pages.  It seems to me like a pretty important topic to look in to, because even just looking at my own Twitter and Facebook accounts, it's so easy to miss something if you aren't actively looking at them multiple times a day- my Twitter feed is just ridiculously fast and I don't follow a huge amount, so that's what prompted me to look in to this.  If we are planning content on a regular basis, I want to ensure that we are maximizing engagement and traffic to the site.

So the first article that came up in my Google search was was from a  site called CoSchedule;  you will be prompted to sign up for a free download when you read through the article, which I did, and it didn't disappoint; included in the download is a fancy infographic and links to various studies that have been carried out on the subject. Their service looks great and you can opt in for a 14 day free trial, similar to Hootsuite- Once the series starts to become profitable, this kind of service is definitely something I'll look at.

Our content schedule at the minute is:

Monday, Hastag Monday, where I release a quote from the book in a fancy font on a fancy image

Tuesday, Charlene Osterman Diary Entry (or other misc. post)

Wednesday, Ganal update

Thursday, Jabroni's Guide

Friday, Charlene Osterman Diary Entry

Weekends we use for research and prepare content for the following week (trying to get ahead a bit more so we are a couple weeks ahead).

Keyword update- we got the report back from Spencer, the gig we hired on Fiverr last week and it's pretty cool.  It comes with a guide, a PDF report and an excel report that you can manipulate.  I haven't gone through it in great detail, only a skim through- and I'm not entirely sure what to do with the info yet, so I'll spend a bit more time reading up on keywords and report back.

On a closing note, we aren't affiliated with anyone and don't profit from any links provided- these are only things that I've happened upon and decided were worth sharing.