A jabroni's guide to marketing ... a science fiction book (#2 - general update)

A Jabroni's Guide to Marketing ... A Science Fiction Book
A Jabroni's Guide to Marketing ... A Science Fiction Book

Disclaimer:  Not sure how necessary this is, but for the avoidance of doubt, if you haven't read the first post in this series, please understand that I have zero experience in marketing.  My posts here are intended for entertainment only (... namely my entertainment) and to document any failings or successes we have as a result of marketing decisions we make.  The posts are not intended as an actual guide for anyone- there are plenty of other amazing bloggers who have tons of experience and practical advice in self-publishing/ marketing if it's something that you are looking to do.  Cheers for reading matey's.

OK... so since last night's post, I've had a chance to look at Mail Chimp and it looks like this is the reason our address is showing up on the subscription confirmation:


So, I've altered the address so that we aren't giving out our exact location ...  and seeing as how we only have two subscribers ... me and Damian... this will do fine as a placeholder.

Now... Hashtags...

After posting yesterday, I decided to partake in #MemeMonday , posting a West quote from Pyre of Dreams:


I also used #indieauthor#scifi#pyreofdreams .  I got a follower... and it doesn't seem like a spam follower but someone actually interested in books.  Now, on the grand scale of things, I appreciate this isn't news- but it's something- and it's something for very little effort.  So, I'm going to do a bit more research and will write a more focused post on Hashtags and the benefits we are seeing, if any, from using them.

I also started putting together a post schedule- so I'll be consistent on blog posts, and social media activity.  I did come across various articles on the best days of the week to post on social media platforms- so, I'm going to stick with it for the foreseeable future and again, I'm feeling like I'm going to be pretty transparent here on the blog with my findings and with our stats.

Later nerds.